Information about byBorrow

How it works

How byBorrow works

Uploading an item
  • Upload your item under listing For Rent or For Sale or For Charity.
  • Upload clear images of the item. We recommended modelled, front and back.
  • Give an accurate description of the item, including the condition, original retail price, the fit & any relevant details.

For Rentals
  • Choose a day rate, to include rental, delivery & cleaning fee. 
  • Our recommended daily rental price is between 5-8% of the original retail cost. However this is at the lenders discretion.
  • When uploading an item please include the following in the description
  • *Please note the rental price includes delivery and cleaning fee.

    *Price does not include return delivery or byBorrow 15% service fee.

    *Minimum rental period 3 days.

  • Please select dates where the item is unavailable.

For Sale or For Charity
  • For Sellers, choose a price which includes item & delivery fee.

Our approval process
  • All submitted items are subject to a byBorrow review process prior to being shared publicly. This is to ensure items are of a high quality. 
  • Our review process does not check the authentication of an item. However further details for more luxury items may be requested. 
  • Once approved, your item will be made public to all users on the platform. This process should be approved within 24hrs. 

Booking requests
  • Once you have approved a booking request, please contact the renter or buyer to request their postal address and then create a tracked postal label with An Post.
  • Please do not approve any booking requests which are shorter than 3 days, unless you are confident that you can send and receive the item within a shorter timeframe. This option may be more applicable to In Person Meet-Ups. 

Sending items as Lenders
  • Please ensure the item is sent & received before or on the first rental period date.
  • Please add the tracking code into the messenger chat for the renter to view and track. 
  • Item will be retuned to you dated before or on the last day of the rental period. Renters should share the tracking code in the messenger chat. 

Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations between the lender & renter, can be made up to 48hrs prior to the rental period. If cancellations are made after this time, no refunds are given to renters. In the event a lender cancels within 48hrs of rental period a refund will be issued to the renter.
  • There is currently no return policy on bought items. Please ensure you are happy with the item before purchasing. Please contact the seller of the item if you have any questions or concerns. 

Receiving and returning items as Renters
  • You should receive items on or before the first day of the rental period. In the event of a delay please message the lender. Should you fail to resolve the issue please contact us here
  • Items must be returned on or before the last day of the rental period. In the event of a delay, please inform the lender.
  • The price of the rental does not include the return via tracked post. Please include the tracking number in the messenger chat for the lender to view and track. 

In Person Meet-Ups
  • Meeting in person must be agreed upon in advance between the lender and renter. When agreed the lender can adjust the price to exclude delivery. We recommend meeting in a public place.

Sending items as Sellers
  • Please agree with the buyer when they wish to receive the item.
  • An item must be sent via tracked post and ensure the tracking number is shared with the buyer via the messenger chat.

Receiving items as Buyers
  • There is currently no return policy on items. Please ensure you are happy with the item before purchasing. Please contact the seller of the item if you have any questions or concerns. 
  • If you receive an item that does not fit or suit, we recommend re-listing it again on byBorrow. 
  • If you receive an item which is not as described, please contact us here with full details of the issue.

Please visit our FAQ page for any queries you may have or if you have a further questions please contact us here