Information about byBorrow


What are we about?

byBorrow aims to empower all women in making more sustainable wardrobe choices, no matter their shopping habits! Our aim to to slow down the waste within the fashion industry by, 
  • Allowing users to upload items from their wardrobes to lend or sell
  • As well as allow users to browse for items to buy or borrow. 
  • Providing a platform for user to safely share their wardrobe, lower their carbon footprint and earn money. 

Who is byBorrow for? 
byBorrow is for all women who enjoy dressing up, going to occasions & who like to wear something new, but without the guilt! Our platform is for you if 
  • You already or are open minded to buying or renting secondhand clothes.
  • You have a closet full (or not so full) of clothes you would like to sell or rent out.
  • You would like to make or learn more about carbon conscious shopping decisions.
  • You want to be part of change for good community!

Why shop on byBorrow?

  • Our platform is FREE to upload & browse for items. 
  • The more users we have the more inclusive we can be of sizes & styles. 
  • We ensure quality and safety on our platform.

A note from our founder:

As a true lover of keeping clothes in circulation for as long as possible, I struggled to find a community of likeminded women to share wardrobes with. byBorrow aims to bridge that gap, bringing women together, to get creative, reduce our fashion carbon footprint & feel fabulous while doing so! byBorrow has been a dream of mine since 2019. I hope to create a community , to help all women feel beautiful while being more carbon conscious, to follow their dreams and to always remember that they have the power within them to part of change for good within the fashion industry & for the greater good of our planet! 


Laura x